Transition from Formal Democracy to Legal Terror State

Feb 9, 2005

CIA @ MICROSOFT: SPY Algorithm was revealed years ago - but who echoed it?

Does any one still remember the basic mechanism used in the time of End Time Computers and transition to the legal Terror State. by the illuminati BIG BROTHER, since I've never seen it echoed anywhere else?
How Microsoft CIA SPY Algorithm works was revealed by  End Times Prophet, in a post to that escaped all purges ever since. (1)
Asking Google for one of the battles of Armageddon (2), as of today it is the the only result returned.

The battle between Microsoft and freedom loving persons

1. Microsoft sells Windows with security holes that are not revealed
2. One of these security holes is exposed by a freedom loving person.
3. Microsoft makes no clear statement about which Windows versions are affected.
4. Microsoft orders an update.
5. This way Microsoft ensures that the exposed hole is closed and at the same time a few new holes are added.
6. Freedom loving persons start looking for holes from scratch.

The Web of Disinformation will tell you that Microsoft is spying on you, to terrorize you.
But they will not go as far as to explain to you how the simple algorithm works. In fact their mission is to distract by all means from the real hole, the underlying Windows operating system, as illustrated by  "exposing" "Email used to spy on you" (3).

(1) post #9 posted on 11/09/2003 12:48:33 AM PST by Truth666
(3)  From thread with title ANY FREE SECURE EMAIL NOT IN BED WITH TPTB?, created by CIA Psy-op.
Reply from Prophet:
Original poster = CIA.
-  TPTB is how the Illuminati Web of Disinfo is told to call their boss
-  Any idiot knows that the illuminati use the OS, i.e. Windows, to spy on the citizens

End Times Prophet, Google, Microsoft and freerepublic - how do they fit in the  End Times Information picture:

Illuminati plan to control end time computers: The ONE basic fact exposed in 1999
Reduction of MIcroCIOsoft computer geek Bill Gates to FaCIAbook actor "Mark Zuckerberg"

Forums: an example of how quickly this simple truth will be deleted; at this 2008 thread, 5 years after it was first exposed, the CIA "Moderator" SHR deleted the truth, but forgot to delete his own reply where he quotes the post..

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