Transition from Formal Democracy to Legal Terror State

Jan 17, 2015

Beheadings on the fly: Saudi Arabia; Find the 7 differences to ISIS

From Saudi to Iran, from from North Korea to Cuba:
What does the terror of "islamists" have in common with the terror of "communists"?
All executing orders from the one and only entity controlling the "western democracies", the same illuminazis who created the industry of genocide during the III Reich.
In Iraq and Afghanistan illuminazis had to go as far as to military occupy the country before installing a puppet government.
Not so in allies Saudi Arabia and Turkey, not to mention in puppets dressed as enemies, from Cuba (now becoming less of one) to North Korea and ISIS.
And that is an advantage to push the terror state agenda in plain sight.

Police at work: "contrast" NATO's main ally with NATO's main "enemy".
Illuminazi terror state in its full "islamist" version: "contrast" Ryadh with Raqqa
The capital of the official #1 buyer of NATO weaponry vs the capital of the ISIS mini-state in Syria, which the BIG LIE technique serves as a caliphate comprisng also part of Iraq and supposedly the #1 target of NATO air bombings.
To get the "differences" all you need is this particular terror tactic:

Public executions of women "on the fly": Saudi Arabia vs ISIS: Find the 7 differences.
Hint forget about the time and date: both women had been arrested minutes earlier and were executed Jan 14, 2015.

1. Saudi Arabia: Mecca: Saudi Police detains and beheads woman in the middle of the street 
Packaged as "Swift Justice after accused of raping and murdering her 7 year old child".
No evidence was presented and no real trial was held. Her husband said she did it, so that was enough. 
It took three blows to complete the execution, while the woman screamed “I did not kill. I did not kill.” 
Laila Bint Abdul Muttalib Basim, a Burmese woman who resided in Saudi Arabia, was executed by sword on Monday after being dragged through the street and held down by four police officers.

2. ISIS, Raqqa, Syria: woman killed accused of fornication Syria - Al Sham (ISIS)

Public executions on the fly : Afghanistan and Iraq vs Saud and ISIS

Saudi government: illuminati puppets playing suicide bombers, from "selling" oil to this:
2015 Haj - Mecca crane and stampede hoax
Illuminati collapsed a tower crane, but it didn't penetrate the mosque, it remained laying on the roof.
So nobody died, also because the impact location was previously cordoned off.
That "crane inside the mosque" scene was created with photoshop.
No problems to stage the hoax because after the "accident" public was barred from the scene.
Symbology revolves around the number 111, the final "death" count. (downscaled to 107, same as days later with the stamped hoax, this time upscaled)

Sharia law agenda: proclaimed by ALL illuminati puppets playing muslim heads of state - updated with Arab Spring consequences
Illuminati puppets "ruling" countries with muslim majorities use sharia to package the terror state dictated by the puppet master:

Check out why these Saudi type of beheadings are mentioned here:
Basic facts about human cattle - self explains why reading it won't have you weep about yourself
Last updated Feb 2016 with recent examples.