Transition from Formal Democracy to Legal Terror State

Jul 3, 2016

Duterte journalists to Mexico teachers EXTRAJUDICIAL killings of drug dealers: the KEYWORD before the real deal

Oct 8, 2016 - Unease as Hungary's biggest opposition daily halts operations

Orban again casted in a "legalize terror state" milestone: first newspaper in the EU ...
to be closed "just for", in this case for supposedly being not aligned with Orban.
Note: why supposedly? Because it's all staged, same as earlier "Zeman closed in Turkey": any real mass media dissent was suppressed in the IV Reich decades ago.

Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Jul 3, 2016
Genocide in broad daylight in Europe started in the Ukraine, 2015.
As for the Duterte-Trump parallel script

Extrajudicial is a KEYWORD before the real deal
Governments legally silencing dissent is paradoxically the last step before they wil call for extrajudicial killings, from journalists in the Philippines to teachers in Mexico, with drug dealers always in the background.

Learn about the gang that staged 9/11 and is now bombing Aleppo and paying the ISIS mercenaries. In this case about how illuminazi puppets playing presidents of Russia, Turkey, Hungary and Philippines share a pioneer role.
In the scope of the article: the president of Mexico although he's not casted in a pioneer role and Trump, who is also casted in the same pioneer role although only as candidate not as president.

Orban, "Putin", Erdogan, Duterte: pioneer role to legally resuscitate Hitler.
Orban and "Putin" in 2015, as well as Erdogan on Jan 1, 2016, were "coincidentally" casted in literal " resuscitate Hitler" milestones [Added: Erdogan again weeks later and Duterte months later (Sep 2016)].

Fake "war on drugs" sets the stage for the real war on its own protesting citizens
Mexico's teachers:
Mexico, same as every other illuminati puppet govermnet where slavery was not yet officially proclaimed: the legal terror state is being pushed to new limits.
June 20, 2016: Mexican police ordered to murder dozens of protesting teachers in broad daylight served as:"Deadly clash between Mexican police and protesting teachers".

Philippines' journalists: Duterte sets Extrajudicial milestone days before inauguration
It wasn't the puppet playing Mexico's president and murdering teachers in broad daylight that was assigned the role of telling "Just because you’re a teacher you are not exempted from assassination, if you’re a son of a bit*h”.
Setting that milestone had already been assigned to Duterte in the Philippines, three weeks earlier, still as president-elect, with the word "teachers" replaced by "journalists".
"Coincidence": also in parallel to an extrajudicial "war on drugs".

Extrajudicial killings of "100,000 drug dealers" - the Philippines milestone
Mexico, Thailand or Indonesia upscaled in the Philippines to thousands while governor Duterte was casted as the first to call for it and be "democratically elected" president. 

Philippines police executing "thousands of drug dealers" vs "ISIS killing civilians" 
... as well as the rest of the "mass shootings" making non-stop headlines:
All introductory acts part of "set stage for the real deal" agenda.
In the Philippines the upscaling process was not reduced to fake blood.
Reminder: it was still real blood in Oklahoma city 1995, 9/11 2001, Madrid 2004, London 2005 and the last real mass shooting carried out by the illuminati in the USA, at Virgina Tech 2007.
But a reduction to fake blood was the only way to complete the introductory stage before the real deal: increase intensity and frequency: 
- all "ISIS terror attacks against civilians" in Europe and the US, from San Bernardino to Orlando, from Paris to Brussels, 
- all other mass shootings making headlines since Arizona 2011. 

Philippines Duterte v North Korea Kim: different stages
Duterte is an illuminati puppet with a leading role in the script "set stage for the 100% legal terror state", one of the foundations to proclaim the nazi IV Reich.
Other actors include other official military allies such as Erdogan in Turkey and Mexico government across the border.
Reminder: this is the agenda already completed in China and North Korea, where slavery was also already proclaimed using illuminati puppet governments dressed as "communists" .

Philippines Duterte v Trump: from different extrajudicial contexts to now ALSO different stages
Duterte is casted as"first politcian calling for extrajudicial killings" to be "democratically elected" president of a US allied country as Trump sets the milestone of calling for the murder of innocent civilians.
Trump's "we will kill their families (of ISIS members)" is the same type of milestone as Hitler promising to wipe out the jews before being "democratically elected".
But it's Duterte not Trump who is casted as the first ally to repeat the Hitler milestone: "democratically elected" calling for the genocide of a particular group defined as "just for being": Drug addicts.
The group is "coincidentally" related to those targeted in the introductory stage, when "extrajudicial" was still part of the killings context: drug dealers.

Duterte Says Journalists in the Philippines Are ‘Not Exempted From Assassination’
June 1, 2016
Rodrigo Duterte has warned journalists in the Philippines that they are legitimate targets for assassination if they do wrong, in the President-elect’s latest controversial comments ahead of being sworn into office later this month.
Duterte was asked during a press conference Tuesday how he would address the country’s high murder rate for journalists, reports Agence France-Presse. 
“Just because you’re a journalist you are not exempted from assassination, if you’re a son of a bit*h,” he replied.
The Philippines is considered one of the world’s most dangerous countries for journalists and, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, at least 75 reporters have been murdered in the country since 1992, many while investigating official corruption.
The new leader’s apparent explanation is that many of the country’s reporters are themselves corrupt. “Most of those killed, to be frank, have done something. You won’t be killed if you don’t do anything wrong,” he said.

June 20, 2016 - Mexican police ordered to murder dozens of protesting teachers in broad daylight served as:
Deadly clash between Mexican police and protesting teachers

June 29, 2016 - president-elect Duterte: I will kill 100,000 drug dealers
In a recent show of his intention, Duterte travelled to a northern province to give a $6,000 (£4,481) reward to police who had executed a drug lord.
When he was previously asked what would happen to criminals once if he became president, Duterte suggested the number of fatalities would rise and crime would decrease.
He said: "The 1,000 [I allegedly killed] will become 100,000. That will fatten the fish in Manila Bay. I will dump their bodies there."

Jul 3, 2016 - President Rodrigo Duterte tells people to 'go ahead and kill' drug addicts
Newly inaugurated Philippine President has urged communist rebels to start killing drug traffickers and people to kill addicts, adding another layer to a controversial war on crime in which he has warned thousands will die.
The communists' armed wing, the 4,000-strong New People's Army, is known for assassinating civilians deemed to have committed so-called crimes against the people — however its courts and summary executions are illegal.
Before dawn on Friday a bullet-riddled body was found in a Manila slum with a sign on it that read: "I am a Chinese drug lord," local police said.
The murder bore all the hallmarks of an extrajudicial killing, which would make it the first of Mr Duterte's presidency.

Fake blood paving the way for the real deal:
Apr 2015 - Indonesia: Drugs smugglers: Fake executions. It includes one of the same agendas:

Mexico: To what lenghts treason goes:
Start here: - GOOGLE
Mexican Al Chapone for dummies - iluminati THEATER, same as ALL headlines - Drugs lord El Chapo: Agendas

Added: Sep 30, 2016 - Philippines Duterte: milestones to resuscitate Hitler AND legalize "manhunt for" type of genocide
Duterte milestone for genocide "just for being": a 30 multiplier within 3 months (from 100,000 to 3 million, Jun 29 to Sep 30, 2016).
Crowds in "Hitler resurrected" 2016: three milestones set by Clinton, Erdogan and Duterte
Duterte and Erdogan: parallel scripts
- Erdogan/Duterte pivot to Russia, China - theater for dummies; side notes: in detail and in general.

Duterte's genocide in broad daylight: dissidents, christians and poor (relabeled as "drug dealers") executed at gunpoint also at night in their homes.
But genocide the Auschwitz way started earlier: refugees gassed in Europe.
Unlike the "transit camps" where refugees started being gassed Sept 2015, these were designed long before the Arab Spring:
USA, EU, Canada, Australia: this time first not only for jews and dissidents but also for non-whites, starting with blacks:
Virtually EVERY mall, stadium and large school built since 2000 designed as FEMA CC in the reduced version, the extermination camp:

Reminder of what was explained in advance worldwide only by Last Prophet and is now already unfolding, from the Ukraine to the Philippines:
BIG BANG: the most extreme inversion of illuminati scripts ever.
The ultimate reverse script starts with a sudden inversion just before the BIG BANG, launched with Obama's staged arrest.
1. Multiracial society and open borders becomes manhunt for aliens and non-whites 
2. Legalize drugs becomes execution of drug addicts
3. "Gay marriage legalized" becomes manhunt for homosexuals.
4. "Ultra-nationalists" become "our national heroes"
5. Staged democracy becomes Hitler was right
See also the added preview section with unfolding examples:

All part of the same gang of illuminazi puppets executing orders from one and the same:
- 28 governors of EU states who are still called prime-ministers or presidents, BushClinton since 1988 including Hitlery since 2008 ("Hussein Obama" will now be stripped), 
- BRICS (fake Putin, China, India, South Africa), "enemies" from Iran's Ayatollahs to Cuba and North Korea and the ISIS caliphate alias the Raqqa mini-state; fake sunnis of Turkey, Saudi and Egypt gov.

Jan 21, 2016

How FAKE terror advances GENOCIDE both coming and ongoing

Jan 21 2016
From real blood mixed with fake blood (no planes on 9/11) in NYC 2001, Madrid 3/11 2003 and London 7/7 2005 to only FAKE blood since 2011.

How FAKE terror attacks advance coming and ongoing GENOCIDE
FAKE terrorist attacks and GENOCIDE
- FAKE BLOOD not only BEFORE but also already during the REAL DEAL
- How fake terror attacks advance genocide - List of Agendas

ALL attacks against civilians in headlines: staged by the same nazis dropping barrel bombs, chlorine and napalm over civilians
Before reading this you must be aware of "ISIS - the basic facts", and in particular: no ISIS ever in Iraq (except for Sinjar) while in Syria it's in fact part of the IV Reich forces.
After reading this you'll know why there's almost always CCTV footage of "terror attacks against civilians" but NEVER of gangs robbing jewelries, banks, etc:
But most important of all, you'll know why fake blood started to be served around the world on an almost daily basis only since 2011.
More precisely the details for the two general reasons: coming and ongoing genocide.

Fake terror attacks - ALL staged with actors, served around the world on an almost daily basis.
Fake blood staged as "suicide bombings against civilians", served from Ankara and Istanbul to Kabul, from Brussels to Paris and almost daily in Baghdad.
General agendas include
1. mass arrests of freedom loving people.
2. propagate government ability to solve plots, starting by quickly capturing terrorists.
Example: "terrorists identfied and neutralized shortly after" almost always in script.
In other words this also is used to:
3. divert from reality, the inability of a corrupt police to solve real crime.
4. propagate "Big Brother" alias government spies on citizens and it's good for you". 
Example: "Authors identified by surveillance cameras" almost always in script.

FAKE terrorist attacks and GENOCIDE
FAKE BLOOD not only BEFORE but also already during the REAL DEAL
FAKE blood sets the stage (from San Bernardino to Charlie Hebdo) or diverts (from russian jet downed by Turkey to Baghdad bombings served almost daily) from the REAL DEAL:
1. The coming genocide: 
- the global kill shot alias "vaccination" against the "super virus pandemic" hoax;
- malls and stadiums designed to later carry mass executions using what Hitler launched: gas chambers;
2. The ongoing genocide
- pogroms, the first stage before legalized as "manhunt for X" where X is a group specificied as "just for being", ethnic based (minorities) or not (from dissidents to drug addicts, homeless and handicapped).
- extermination camps in Europe where refugees are gassed since Sep 2015 behind fenced walls, same as the jews during the Holocaust.
- the cities the refugees fled from: from "liberated" alias ghost cities (from Tikrit, Iraq to Homs, Syria) to cities reduced to rubble and under siege (from Fallujah, Iraq to Aleppo, Syria) .

How fake terror attacks advance genocide - List of Agendas
From Istanbul to Jakarta, Paris to Baghdad, Sandy Hook to Somalia: IllumiNazis in action to advance either the coming or the ongoing genocide.
Note about the list below: only the first agenda applies only to a particular country, the USA.

Coming genocide
1. disarm US citizens, formally abolish the second ammendment of the US constitution, a requirement before starting the imminent BIG BANG's global genocide.
Reminder: BIG BANG starts with the "resurrection of Osama crucified to the missing Boeing 777 in Jerusalem" and the staged arrest of "Obama Bi-nla-den"'s presidency.
2. push the legal terror state (that not only in the US and EU continues to be served as "democracy") to new limits.
Example: the first ammendment of the US constitution reduced again and again after fake terrorist attacks.
3. justify the start of the "manhunt for" stage, from "state of emergency" to pogroms.
Reminder: the legal manhunt for non-whites in US, EU & Co starts with the BIG BANG.

Ongoing genocide
Directly advanced agendas:
1. divert from the ongoing genocide, from Afghanistan and Iraq to Syria and Yemen. 
2. justify treasonous military acts in plain sight. 
Ultimate examples: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey: supposedly sunni government participating across the border in the genocide of sunnis in Iraq and Syria, as part of the "US led coalition", together with the "shia enemy", Iran.
3. set stage for "military operations" alias war by terror against civilians. 
Examples from Yemen 2014: "Houthis" attack to third largest city Taiz and later to Aden. 
Note: "Houthi" shia militias are part of the IV Reich and casted in a fake war with Saudi Arabia since 2015, alias a real war against the real rebels. 
4. present butchers carrying a genocide as victims.
Examples: the shi'a militias in  Iraq and Yemen, part of the nazi shock trooops of the IV Reich.
5. justify upscaling the ongoing genocide with air bombings. 
Sep 2015, Russia starts non-stop bombing in Syria and increase of iranians on the ground: a remake of what was already ongoing in Iraq (simply replace Russia with USA).
Indirectly advanced agendas:
6. As a consequence of 5: set millions of refugees (unknowingly and risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean) march into death camps. 
Reminder of the other main tactic to drastically increase the flow of refugees to Europe in summer 2015: termination of food stamps in camps for 5 million refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.
Fake blood advancing an ongoing genocide: Baghdad is the ultimate example.
Oct 2016: Baghdad fake blood: 100th episode: actors caught in the act by hidden camera.
For the Baghdad's fake blood record for a single episode, set Jul 2016, start with real blood in real Baghdad protests months earlier:
Apr 30, 2016: Baghdad protests despite world record holders for fake blood
Fake terror setting the stage for the coming genocide: Example:
CHATTANOOGA Psy-op: Target:"perfectly integrated aliens".
remake of one of the agendas of the Boston marathon hoax, Jihadi John or the "british teenage girls fleeing to Syria to join ISIS".
It was designed to have afterwards NSA psy-ops "commenting":
It was NOT a f... muslim extremist!
It was a f... Muslim, who finished college, fought MMA and lived a normal f...g civilian life until he was called to commit MURDER! 
Every f... single 'peaceful' Muslim is capable of this by f... proxy.
ISIS for dummies: the basic facts
World War III: Real story OPPOSITE of illuminati media on all fronts: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen 
BEFORE the global kill shot, that illuminati were forced to postpone several times since 2009:
Ongoing genocide: Unprecedented types illustrated by white elderly and sick in the US and EU, syrians in Syria in broad daylight, chinese in China and refugees in Europe behind closed doors.