Transition from Formal Democracy to Legal Terror State

Apr 4, 2007

Transition from Formal Democracy to Legal Terror State

Two Basic Processes
Transition from a Formal Democracy to a Legal Terror State, aka Police State, is a process that ran parallel to a second one: the Transition from the National States to the Global Terror State, aka global nazi state, aka One World Government, aka New World Order. In other words: the ultimate illuminati goal of total enslavement.

Transition from a Formal Democracy to a Legal Terror State - Stages
During the Transition from a Formal Democracy to a Legal Terror State, the Mind Control technique of Acceptance Level Increase is used in several parallel processes to sucessively upscale the destruction of the fundamental rights of the citizens.
This is done using the state forces, in particular the police, and changing Law to destroy:
- Protection of Privacy.
- Freedom of Speech / Right to Information.
- Judicial Rights: Right to Defense, Presumption of Innocence, Protection against Torture.
- Right to Self-Protection.
- Right to Life.

As background for all this, oppositors are murdered, either because they are dangerous or to pass the message "Oppose us and expect to be murdered".

First Stages
Privacy: State personnel spying the citizens: telephone calls, internet usage, access to personal computers on-line, etc.
Freedom of Speech / Right to Information: Censorship on special themes, declared impossible to refute. Fines for violating this prohibition.
Self-protection: Right to own automatic weapons denied. Right to armed response denied.
Right to life: Particular groups of citizens legally targeted for genocide: unborn babies, sick, elderly. Unlike the 1933 transition in Germany, mass murder label is sold packaged: genocide of unborn babies as interruption of pregnancy or abortion; genocide of sick and elder as assisted suicide or euthanasia. The argumentation is also packaged: mass murder is not the right of the society, but the right of the mothers to their bodies or the right of people to die with dignity.

Note that part of the mind control work is timing the packaged mass murder of nationals with the raw mass murder outside the borders: 1998 "Humanitarian War" in Serbia, upscaled with the 2003 "War on Terror" in Iraq, which was prepared 2001 by the fake "War on Terror" in Afghanistan.

Completion of the Legal Framework
This includes:
- jailing people for simply expressing an opinion;
- delation compulsory, including of the own parents;
- defense lawyers abolished;
- rights to own a gun abolished;
- any group of citizens legally targeted for genocide.

First Case Examples, Mind Control Techniques used
All this is done using several other mind control, aka brainwash, techniques. Particularly important are the first cases used to increase each level, i.e. the "first time" issue.
Two of the most important cases at earlier stages: "Arrest of Pinochet", 1998 and the hoax "Deny the Holocaust and go to jail", based on the same mind control technique of acceptance by association.
Both cases show also how the illuminati script carefully seeks to advance several agendas, in this case both transition agendas mentioned above: from Democracy to Terror and from Independent States to the Global State.

"Arrest of Pinochet", 1998 and hoax "Holocaust deniers jailed"

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Mar 3, 2007

Transition to nazi global state and "Pinochet arrested" technique

"Pinochet arrested" technique explained in CNN forums 1998, by Matt Marriott
Arresting Pinochet in 1998, while he was in London, with an order issued by the spanish Judge Garzon, was a totally successful coup:
- to create a legal basis to start bombing Milosevic, i.e. Serbia;
- to have the "left" cheering the process of legal transition from national states to the nazi global state.

As Matt Marriott explained this in the CNN forums, short before the beginning of World War III, March 24 1999, nobody got it.
It was actually the first message from Matt Marriott that CNN censors deleted, weeks later...

But how many did get it today, 8 years later? Why did the illuminati stage the "Deny Holocaust and go to jail" hoax

Just look at how successfully they kept using the same technique. Latest example: 2007, with "jailing" german holocaust denier Ernest Zundel, all of it staged at a higher level of brainwash, as you would expect from the principles of "Acceptance Level Increase":

- accusation is no more genocide like in the case of Pinochet, but simply expressing an opinion;
- the accused this time is an actor, CIA/BND operative Ernest Zundel;

Primary and secondary messages: Terrorizing the sheep and selling the hoax

The secondary message is: "the holocaust is indeed a hoax".
To sell even better the secondary message, the illuminati media tells the sheep that the court justied the sentence as Zundel being a "dangerous agitator".
This shall lead the sheep to assume that if he is "dangerous" then what he says must be true.

To make sure that the sheep get the primary message, i.e. "in fact it's all just about increasing the terror levels of the nazi state", at the same time the illuminati media praises the leader of holocaust deniers, Iran's President (another CIA operative)... while the illuminati leaders invite Iranian government agents for conferences on peace and Solana confirms that it's too late to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons. The same Solana that gave officially the order to begin bombing Serbia, the event that would tuen to be, as predicted by Matt Marriott in 1998, the begin of World War III.

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